China Supplier | Mini type Y thin face machine,Thin face tool,Y type beauty instrument

Mini type Y thin face machine,Thin face tool,Y type beauty instrument

Mini type Y thin face machine,Thin face tool,Y type beauty instrument

Beauty bar beauty bar, also known as Tokyo Japanese semiconductor beauty bar beauty bar face-lift bar, facial massager, containing germanium powder 99.999% purity germanium grain, metallic minerals, mainly face-lift, massage, whitening, facial blood circulation and metabolism, thereby delaying and improving the skin caused by age relaxation, wrinkles, pigmentation, eye bags and multiple jaw and other natural aging phenomenon


Beauty bar features
1. Beauty bar is made of a semiconductor alloys.
2. Containing 99.999% pure germanium granules, massage, beauty, whitening, face-lift and care through uneven parts. Germanium grain edge and a silver ring, looks more upscale fine.
3. Comfortable handle, easy to take hold. Several cards still cool beauty bar handle angle can be adjusted to gently force can quickly scroll through massage. In a short time you can experience the beauty beauty massage face-lift experience.
4. The unique beauty bar polygonal surface design, easy to close to the skin, massage very comfortable.
Beauty bar features
1 by rotating the rolling massage, face more elastic, the skin is more supple, long-term use of Small oval face shape
2 hard massage precise location to be exciting! Relax and release stress! Relieve shoulder pain!
3 at home or on the go can easily enjoy the high-end beauty salon beauty experience! “Face and body beautiful bright upper and lower body.”
4. Enhance facial sagging skin, eliminate eye pattern, wrinkles, pigmentation, refining pores.
5 rolling massage, facial promoting metabolism, blood circulation, reduce acne growth and recurrence.
6 beauty bars tiny size, lightweight and delicate, without battery, permanent use, any time, any place, anywhere can massage beauty treatments.
7. While reading, watching TV, reading magazines, listening to music, can enjoy a massage and other beauty treatments when bathing.
Beauty bar use
1. About the direction of the forehead, between the eyebrows gently rolling part in the vertical direction.
2. Gently roll the eye area, please be gentle farewell note.
3. In parts between bust and gently rolling around the collarbone.
4. Gently roll the arm vertical and horizontal direction or left direction.
5 To Hand UV effects of gently rolling around.
6 In the face gently rolling outwards from the inside.
7 in the neck and down gently rolling.
8 sides in the shoulder or neck gently rolling.
9 to scroll up and down a gentle little legs.
10. Bathed in various parts of the body can be finished using the thigh massage is also available

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