China Supplier | 16*57 big spot ipl beauty equipment for photo facial and body hair removal

16*57 big spot ipl beauty equipment for photo facial and body hair removal

16*57 big spot ipl beauty equipment for photo facial and body hair removal

Technical parameter :

Light Source Intense Pulsed Light
Wave Length 690-1200 nm,560-1200 nm,430—1200nm
Light guide Crystal light guide
Control Mode Touch Control
Safety Classification Class I, Type B
E-light RF 5Mhz
Energy density 10-60J/cm2 (Deviation≤±2%)
Pulse duration/width 1-30ms
Frequency ≤1P/3S
Spot size 16×50mm (HR) 8×34mm(SR/VR) ( Deviation≤0.2mm)
Spot Surface Temperature 0-5 Degrees Celsius
Cooling system Semiconductor Refrigeration +Water Cooling +Wind Cooling
Size length Width Height 470×360×1040mm
Weight (net weight) 40kg
Fuse Specification Ø5×2510A
Input Power 1800W
Power requirement AC220V,AC110V


1. Specific wavelength handlepiece ,no use filter , more accurate energy output , more durable and more professional .

2 Durable&powerful Xenon lamp

NBW-I323 adopts UK Xenon tube, which ensures its long lifespan . Each flash contain 1~10 pulse adjustable .

Warranty 30000 flash /300000 pulse for each handle .Max 60000 flash/600000 pulse .


Customize xenon lamp available if you give the 3 parameter above .


3. Double power supply

Exposed big capacitance may cause serious danger because it reserve the energy even the machine closed . We use enclosed capacitance ensure the powerful energy supply also in case of the risk .



Too much heat will stop the IPL machine working

Semiconductor + water + wind top level cooling system continues using more then 24 hours .

Semiconductor : Use double-deck thermoelectric cooler, providing -4°C protects epidermis while hair follicle is acted Unlike conventional single cooler

Water cooling : 60m high pressure vane pump + 10L big water tank , Better and stable water circulation rather then magnitic .

Wind cooling: 4 DC 12v power fan with copper condensor 4 times better cooling then aluminum

5. Humanized easy work system

Water flow , working temperature real-time auto detection and safe working alert .
16*50 and 8*34 big spot size , don’t suffer the long times treatment any more .
Easy operate , choose handle function , adjust energy , start work
Shot time record on screen , when shots use up , consumble new handles easy change here.



Nubway IPL NBW-I323, suitable for the performance of Spa, skin Care Center, Clinic, Medical Spa and IPL (Intense Pulse Light is a kind of high strength, broad spectrum and non-succession light, multifunction for

Hair removal ; Acne clearance ;Skin rejuvenation ; Pigmentation and vascular veins problem .

Technical HR SR VR handlepiece

Handpiece Wavelength Function
HR 690-1200nm For hair removal
SR 560-1200nm Remove pigmented lesions; freckles; age spots; sunburn spots; reduce wrinkles; shrink pores; rejuvenate skin and enhance skin elasticity
VR 420-1200nm Remove vascular lesions on face and bottlenose;Lighten and remove acne

Other popular wavelength 950nm,940nm,690nm,640nm,570nm,etc .All available .

RF E-light 5Mhz .

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